Delivering Value Through Software

About Me

My name is Doug Blackmore. I am a software developer working remotely from beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I have been delivering value through software for corporations large and small for over 30 years.

Your project's success is of paramount importance to me. Collaborating together, we can build software that is both useful and usable.

If you are experiencing a problem in your organization and would like to talk about it, please get in touch. We can explore if there's a fit in how we could work together to come up with a solution that would make it go away.

Take a look at the success stories below. These are some examples of where I have helped business founders and managers do exactly that.

My primary tech stack includes C# and SQL Server, ReactJS and JavaScript. I also still do a modicum of WinForms and WPF UI development.

Success Stories

Pure Energy Egynte Tool

Pure Energy Egynte Tool

Pure Energy generates and stores gigabytes of PDF files. These files need to be uploaded to the Egnyte file service in customer–specific locations.

Pure Energy contacted Studio 6 Software to see what could be done to simplify the process of transferring these files by technicians across their organization.

At the end of the project, it was determined that almost 100 field personnel were saving at least 45 minutes of overtime each and every day managing the upload of their FIRE Ticket files, translating into a savings of over $500,000 annually. Since then, additional users have come on–line and additional savings are being realized.

The project sponsor’s comments summed the project up nicely:

Studio 6 Software took the time to both understand our business needs and our current environment. They didn’t over–complicate the upfront processes and were able to deliver visible value within a very short period of time. The value we got out of our project with Studio 6 exceeded expectations wildly. I would not hesitate to engage them again in future projects.
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InteServ Asset Management Tool

InteServ Asset Management Tool

FMC Technologies has dozens of locations around the world with thousands of employees that service their own and competitors’ fracturing iron.

A four–month proof–of–concept project was commissioned to evaluate Studio 6 Software’s capabilities in building a web application that simplified the workflow of transitioning iron assets into the shop, through the inspection and testing processes, and then shipping the assets back to the customers.

The successful POC morphed into a much larger project after extremely positive reviews of the working relationship and especially the application itself.

The response from users was tremendously positive. One of the early versions prompted this feedback:

Today was my first experience with the technicians using the iPad to receive entire jobs. It was done very quickly. I was really AMAZED to see how fast this was. It looks a lot more professional in my opinion.

A Base Manager had the following feedback:

Asset management throughout our service process is manageable from a single screen allowing management to make key decisions with minimal need to investigate the current status of jobs. Huge time saver. Has allowed us to diversify our service coordinator responsibilities to manage the warehouse as well as job progress.
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WorkSight Deploy Tool

WorkSight Deployment Tool

Resonance Software Inc (RSI) is a boutique software company that specializes in enterprise workforce management, including employee scheduling and timecard generation. Their software is installed on–premise and requires significant configuration during initial setup.

WorkSight.Deploy is a WinForms application that provides a single form, simple and easy–to–learn interface for users to manage the deployment of RSI’s flagship product, WorkSight.Net.

The time to deploy WorkSight.Net decreased significantly and the amount of support required to hand–hold new users dropped to virtually nothing. A couple of customers remarked:

WorkSight is one of the easiest pieces of software I have to support; your deployment should become the standard for all our suppliers.

WorkSight is by far the easiest system to upgrade and rollout that I have encountered.
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